Sushi & grill restaurant Goya

All you can eat sushi in Nieuwegein? Sushi & Grill restaurant Goya is located on Stadsplein 2E. Open daily for dinner and sushi takeout. We also deliver sushi to your home. Lunch is possible, for a minimum party of 10.

Fresh sushi Sushi & Grill restaurant Goya Delicious sushi, made fresh Sushi & Grill restaurant Goya Sashimi of the best fish species Sushi & Grill restaurant Goya

All you can eat sushi

Sushi has become very popular these recent years in Holland. The bites of sushi rice, nori (seaweed sheet) and raw fish are made in various forms, such as maki (roll), nigiri (rice ball topped with a slice of fish) and temaki (cone of nori with rice and fish).

Restaurant Goya in Nieuwegein has traditional sushi chefs who cook the most delicious Japanese dishes. Besides sushi there is a wide selection of other dishes such as sashimi, yakitori and tempura bites.

You can enjoy all our dishes and specialties on the menu unlimited. You will pay a fixed price per person and therefore your can order as many times as you like.


Sushi delivery - Enjoy fresh sushi at home

From now on you can enjoy sushi and Japanese sushi and other specialties from your own home. Simply order sushi online at our delivery site. Use the "Order online" button from the menu above to order online for delivery.